A medium-sized (35 employees) professional services company was urgently in need of a complete, functioning IT department. This full-time network support group needed to be able to answer technology questions from employees as well as provide regular server maintenance. The problem was that a full-time employee with the skills and experience to fulfill this role would cost the company $60-$85,000 a year, plus benefits, an additional workstation, and other office supplies.


ITSN and the client signed a Complete Network Support agreement. This contract empowered ITSN to take over all maintenance issues for the company, using remote support technology to provide desktop and server support when possible and hands-on support at the client’s office when that was appropriate. This ITSN as available to the company’s employees as a person who was actually situated in the office. In fact, the Complete Network Support agreement benefits the client by providing more reliability and consistency than hiring an actual employee: with multiple on-staff technicians, ITSN never calls in sick. ITSN only cost the company a fraction of the cost of a full-time technical staff because they only pay for the services they receive.

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